Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to

It's funny how I saw myself drift. It came and went and then the attention focused inward.

Disciplining my body to do the right things I changed the course. We can all achieve this. It begins with doing the proper thing for yourself in the moment. Understanding each second is an opportunity that will only bring goodness if you work towards it.

At times it can be painful, avoiding short term satisfaction for long term growth. Exercising, thrusting yourself into a powerful spirit and achieving gains. Most importantly was writing it all down. Making sure progress was tracked by breaking new goals daily. This requires a person to break it all down and commit. You have to respect the act of action. Embrace the hard work and come out stronger.

Innovation requires thinking outside the box and mapping things out.

I feel loved and appreaciated when I do my best because others see it and I feel it. It's an undeniable force.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Abuse of power

Online criticisms have to be the lowest common denominator in writing. Not only are you shielded anonymously without any needed review, but a scathing review can be easily administered instantaneously in the heat of a moment.

What I've witnessed can only be seen as my perspective with this seemingly abusive person, whether or not they just had a bad day or whatever is of little consequence.

This Director of commercials is famous for reinventing the way fast food is presented at the end of  commercials. You know, the camera pan that ever so seductively lures you into neon cheese filled food stuff. It's basically the well manicured food that one could imagine Gandhi salivating over after a fast. Typically, the minimum waged payed teenager who cooks this gives zero recognition to the fact that he somehow presented a burger in the form of mashed potatoes.

Either way, this isn't a scathing criticism of  fast food. I mean, the fact that this Director can make this soylent green food appetizing speaks volumes to the mans image. What this actually means to show is the lack of self control one has when no one has the nerve to criticize you for being abrasive(aka cunty) towards everyone.

It was a one day preparation to have one burger in the establishing shot. It was essentially a burger bun holocaust. We had over 500 buns discarded due to the fact that they had blemishes. Strike number 1: Our director criticized the person who scoured Los Angeles for buns on the basis that he had brought mediocre bread. It's understandable that a perfectionist would only want the best enriched bleached flour pattys, but the production assistant didn't bring mushy, bloated, or torn buns. I'm sure they had a redeeming personality to go along with it's inherent physical weakness at least.

Strike Number 2: Making the head food stylist cry due to her inability to produce a beautifully toasted bun. With his constant unnecessary criticisms to the stylists abilities and scolding her in public making her feel inept. This lady looked like one of the "Golden Girls", not a pinata full of gold.

I won't consider this a big deal but my direct interaction with the man showed his complete lack of respect. After communicating with another production assistant as to our next move  he barked, "Hey, you need to stop yelling, this isn't the club ok man" Not much harm in the statement, but it speaks volumes about a mans form of resolve for having to bring a person down in an nonconstructive and blatantly backwards approach. I was not yelling nor was I boisterous or speaking more than was necessary. You seem like the type that would find ballet too aggressive.

I've heard unverified stories of people withdrawing from their positions after a few days of working with this man. People in high paying short lived shoots such as the time span of 3 weeks or less, withdrawing less than halfway through.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

#10 "Beer Geek Breakfast" by Mikkeller

By Mikkeller
In Denmark
7.50 ABV
Oatmeal Stout

Mikkeller is a gypsy brewer that goes around the globe setting up areas to brew his beer.  The "Beer Geek Breakfast" name has had more spin offs than CSI. This is the original base formula for the beer. It's brewed with chocolate malts, oats and gourmet coffee.

Visual: Jet black but there is a noticeable yeast sediment in the glass. Not very appetizing but it greets you in the glass.

Smell: It really smells like roasted coffee. The type of coffee that you know will get you wired. A dark roast with an almost charred smell.

Taste:Mouthfeel is medium, you get a big dose of black roasted coffee. The roast is very apparent even cold. The oats add a bit of creamyness making it easier to sip. There is a hint of bitterness, not exactly a hop bitterness more of a charred coffee lingering on the toungue. As you drink it your mouth gets coated with an ashtray sensation

Overall: A very coffee forward stout, you will enjoy it if you like big robust coffee flavors. It lacks in much anything else as the bitterness and slight creaminess are there to supplement the roast coffee. It would be much better if it had more diversity but it definitely is a sipper beer even at the moderate alcohol level. 89/100

Sunday, December 9, 2012

# 8 and # 9 Evil Twins "Aún Más A Jesús" and "Even More Jesus"

By Evil Twin Brewing
 Aún Más A Jesús Brewed in Companyia Cervesera del Montseny SLL, Catalunya, Spain
Even More Jesus Brewed in Valby, Denmark
Both have a ABV of 12% Alcohol
Both Imperial Stouts

Evil Twin is brewed by a Gypsy brewer that goes around all over the globe establishing areas to create beer. Much like his brothers beer company "Mikkeller", the style of beer is always a unique take with interesting marketing such as naming a beer "Even More Jesus". These beers tend to be priced highly, with these 12ozs pricing at $11.00. Drinking these side by side I will hyphen it with a E for Even More Jesus and an A, for "Aún Más".

Visual: Both of these are pitch black, A comes out much thicker but E has a bigger head with a dark brown head. A almost gushes out like motor oil.

Smell: Aun has a slightly sweet sugary smell, with heavy dark chocolate and coffee. Even smells more like alcohol.

Taste: Even's alcohol is very apparent with a heavy expresso taste and alcohol heat lingering.  Aun is more balanced with a really thick mouthfeel that coats the mouth. Slightly sweet dark coffee, fudge, a lot more balanced. A slight cherry taste to it. As it warms up you get a slight buttery mouthfeel, almost like a chocolate batter. Even's alcohol is more balanced but it still isn't well balanced.

Overall: These beers feel very different from all aspects, Although both have chocolate and coffee the type of ingrediants feel like a different formula. The alcohol in Even More overwhelms from the other flavors. Aun is more balanced but I don't feel like the price is justified.
Aún Más A Jesús 85, Even More Jesus 81

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#7Ballast point "Sculpin"

By Ballast Point
In San Diego, California
7.00 ABV
American IPA

So after a quick Wikipedia search a Sculpin which is adorned on the beer is a fish with poisonous spikes, though it's meat is supposed to be some of the best fish meat available according to some Les Stroud type caveman person. Ballast point seems to have a fascination with marine life, several of their beers are adorned with aquatic type activities. Think boats and fish, not floaties and chlorine.

Visual: It has a big 2 finger head, much lacing on the glass with a amber dark orange color

Smell: Crazy smell for an IPA, there is a sweet and slightly salty smelling dimension with a small dose of tropical fruit.

Taste: Mango, peach, some pear, with a slight hop lingering effect that reinvigorates the palete for more.The alcohol is well hidden and It's very easy to drink. The fruit here taste's ripe and fresh picked, a real tasty IPA. The mouthfeel is very thin but this helps out the subdued flavors of fruit and hop.

Overall:I can imagine this being a great introduction to people who want to get a real IPA experience with tropical fruit to balance it out. It's not too sweet either, it provides a good balance and this is definitely going to be a constant buy for me.It could provide more tropical fruit but it still has a good enough dose for those trying out a well rounded IPA. 92/100

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#6 Russian River "Pliny the Elder"

By Russian River
In Santa Rosa, California
8.00 ABV
Imperial IPA

Pliny the Elder is heralded by some as one of the best IPA's on the market. California is also known to produce the best IPA's in the world. Of course we all crave varying flavor profiles, it seems all across the board beer drinkers rate this beer highly.

Interesting history on Pliny the elder, he was a Roman man who was involved in politics, military, writing, law, philosophy and several other hobbies ensuring his badassedry in history.

Visual: Pours out a hazy orange, slight lacing on the side of the glass.

Smell: Several fruits, some pineapple juice, a hint of other tropical fruits.

Taste: First thing you get is a very small dose of hops, followed by what seems to be a small dose of pineapple juice. It's very easy to drink and you can't taste much alcohol. Though after you drink it it seems very underwhelming. It offers a very light flavor profile, lacking much diversity. It is very refreshing though, I can imagine drinking several of these in the summer.

Overall: This IPA needs more flavor to it. It's probably one of the most well balanced beers in relation to how well blended the hops and malt are, but it's lacking in any real definition. It's underwhelming and also it isn't very unique. I could see this as a good starter IPA for beer newbies though because of it's drinkability. 88/100

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

#5 Brouwerij Oud Beersel "Oude De Kriek"

By Brouwerij Oud Beersel
in Belgium
6.50% ABV
Fruit Lambic

This lambic beer comes in a traditional Belgian green bottle with a cork you can pull out with pressure with your fingers. It reminds me of something you might get served in Dracula's castle with the image of a temple and bottle design.

Visual: Very unique as it pours blood ruby red color. Not much head or lacing on the glass but you can definetly tell the cherry fruit they used in the oak translated well

Smell: Surprisingly light for a beer I assume to be sour, you  get a sight dose of funky vinegar with a bit of barnyard funk

Taste: Taste is subtly, you get a tart flavor which lingers for a bit with an almost undetectable taste of cherry, the cherry really just adds as a backbone to the rest of the tartness.. You also get a bit of unripened cherries and a slight amount of oak. Not much of a sour sensation, it really hits you as if there's a juicy fruit without much sweetness.

Overall: It somewhat reminds me of a champagne, not much alcohol detected and it has the carbonation and mouthfeel of a champagne. Although it doesen't hit you intensely it does provide a good introduction to a tart beer. 90/100