Sunday, March 31, 2013

Abuse of power

Online criticisms have to be the lowest common denominator in writing. Not only are you shielded anonymously without any needed review, but a scathing review can be easily administered instantaneously in the heat of a moment.

What I've witnessed can only be seen as my perspective with this seemingly abusive person, whether or not they just had a bad day or whatever is of little consequence.

This Director of commercials is famous for reinventing the way fast food is presented at the end of  commercials. You know, the camera pan that ever so seductively lures you into neon cheese filled food stuff. It's basically the well manicured food that one could imagine Gandhi salivating over after a fast. Typically, the minimum waged payed teenager who cooks this gives zero recognition to the fact that he somehow presented a burger in the form of mashed potatoes.

Either way, this isn't a scathing criticism of  fast food. I mean, the fact that this Director can make this soylent green food appetizing speaks volumes to the mans image. What this actually means to show is the lack of self control one has when no one has the nerve to criticize you for being abrasive(aka cunty) towards everyone.

It was a one day preparation to have one burger in the establishing shot. It was essentially a burger bun holocaust. We had over 500 buns discarded due to the fact that they had blemishes. Strike number 1: Our director criticized the person who scoured Los Angeles for buns on the basis that he had brought mediocre bread. It's understandable that a perfectionist would only want the best enriched bleached flour pattys, but the production assistant didn't bring mushy, bloated, or torn buns. I'm sure they had a redeeming personality to go along with it's inherent physical weakness at least.

Strike Number 2: Making the head food stylist cry due to her inability to produce a beautifully toasted bun. With his constant unnecessary criticisms to the stylists abilities and scolding her in public making her feel inept. This lady looked like one of the "Golden Girls", not a pinata full of gold.

I won't consider this a big deal but my direct interaction with the man showed his complete lack of respect. After communicating with another production assistant as to our next move  he barked, "Hey, you need to stop yelling, this isn't the club ok man" Not much harm in the statement, but it speaks volumes about a mans form of resolve for having to bring a person down in an nonconstructive and blatantly backwards approach. I was not yelling nor was I boisterous or speaking more than was necessary. You seem like the type that would find ballet too aggressive.

I've heard unverified stories of people withdrawing from their positions after a few days of working with this man. People in high paying short lived shoots such as the time span of 3 weeks or less, withdrawing less than halfway through.