Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to

It's funny how I saw myself drift. It came and went and then the attention focused inward.

Disciplining my body to do the right things I changed the course. We can all achieve this. It begins with doing the proper thing for yourself in the moment. Understanding each second is an opportunity that will only bring goodness if you work towards it.

At times it can be painful, avoiding short term satisfaction for long term growth. Exercising, thrusting yourself into a powerful spirit and achieving gains. Most importantly was writing it all down. Making sure progress was tracked by breaking new goals daily. This requires a person to break it all down and commit. You have to respect the act of action. Embrace the hard work and come out stronger.

Innovation requires thinking outside the box and mapping things out.

I feel loved and appreaciated when I do my best because others see it and I feel it. It's an undeniable force.

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