Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#7Ballast point "Sculpin"

By Ballast Point
In San Diego, California
7.00 ABV
American IPA

So after a quick Wikipedia search a Sculpin which is adorned on the beer is a fish with poisonous spikes, though it's meat is supposed to be some of the best fish meat available according to some Les Stroud type caveman person. Ballast point seems to have a fascination with marine life, several of their beers are adorned with aquatic type activities. Think boats and fish, not floaties and chlorine.

Visual: It has a big 2 finger head, much lacing on the glass with a amber dark orange color

Smell: Crazy smell for an IPA, there is a sweet and slightly salty smelling dimension with a small dose of tropical fruit.

Taste: Mango, peach, some pear, with a slight hop lingering effect that reinvigorates the palete for more.The alcohol is well hidden and It's very easy to drink. The fruit here taste's ripe and fresh picked, a real tasty IPA. The mouthfeel is very thin but this helps out the subdued flavors of fruit and hop.

Overall:I can imagine this being a great introduction to people who want to get a real IPA experience with tropical fruit to balance it out. It's not too sweet either, it provides a good balance and this is definitely going to be a constant buy for me.It could provide more tropical fruit but it still has a good enough dose for those trying out a well rounded IPA. 92/100

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