Sunday, December 9, 2012

# 8 and # 9 Evil Twins "Aún Más A Jesús" and "Even More Jesus"

By Evil Twin Brewing
 Aún Más A Jesús Brewed in Companyia Cervesera del Montseny SLL, Catalunya, Spain
Even More Jesus Brewed in Valby, Denmark
Both have a ABV of 12% Alcohol
Both Imperial Stouts

Evil Twin is brewed by a Gypsy brewer that goes around all over the globe establishing areas to create beer. Much like his brothers beer company "Mikkeller", the style of beer is always a unique take with interesting marketing such as naming a beer "Even More Jesus". These beers tend to be priced highly, with these 12ozs pricing at $11.00. Drinking these side by side I will hyphen it with a E for Even More Jesus and an A, for "Aún Más".

Visual: Both of these are pitch black, A comes out much thicker but E has a bigger head with a dark brown head. A almost gushes out like motor oil.

Smell: Aun has a slightly sweet sugary smell, with heavy dark chocolate and coffee. Even smells more like alcohol.

Taste: Even's alcohol is very apparent with a heavy expresso taste and alcohol heat lingering.  Aun is more balanced with a really thick mouthfeel that coats the mouth. Slightly sweet dark coffee, fudge, a lot more balanced. A slight cherry taste to it. As it warms up you get a slight buttery mouthfeel, almost like a chocolate batter. Even's alcohol is more balanced but it still isn't well balanced.

Overall: These beers feel very different from all aspects, Although both have chocolate and coffee the type of ingrediants feel like a different formula. The alcohol in Even More overwhelms from the other flavors. Aun is more balanced but I don't feel like the price is justified.
Aún Más A Jesús 85, Even More Jesus 81

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