Saturday, October 27, 2012

#4 Tallgrass "Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat"

By Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas
5.00% ABV
Wheat Beer

This is a unfiltered wheat beer in a can, although a can sounds unappetizing  it actually preserves the alcohol quite well, meanwhile it also provides an ecologically friendly way to serve alcohol due to the efficiency of tin in comparison to other storage vessels.(First and probably last time I will use the word vessel in a beer review)

The wheat is provided by a local farmer in Kansas ensuring less emissions.

Visual:It pours out a golden yellow with a small amount of head.

Smell: It smells really pleasant, almost like a bowl of fruit loops oddly enough. Not cloyingly sweet, reminds one of a mixture of grain and several mixed fruits.
(Toucan Sam threatened legal action if I posted his actual photo)

Taste: A very light mouth feel, almost like water in that it is easy to swallow and provides a refreshing crispness. It has a very light citrus orange taste with an emphasis on citrus sweetness to balance out the beer. It's very pleasant to drink and I could imagine it being a sessionable summer beer.

Overall: It's mild, easy-drinking, and it provides a nice natural sweetness character. If it had more diversity and a hint more of flavor it would be a reoccurring character in my fridge besides crumbs. Though as it stands I would recommend it as a choice for wheat beer.


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